SSL Certificates (COMODO)

SSL Certificates (COMODO)

Security over internet browsing is very much important especially when you have confidential information on the website or when you have to make a payment online. We at Hatch2web helps in developing websites that are highly secured and can protect the user information giving total security for the content on the website.

We are committed towards developing full-fledged website that is designed in a unique way and provides a complete solution for the business owner. We also ensure that all the website we create are encrypted so that the user’s information is saved and protected so we use the SSL certificates from COMODO which is one of the best security services for small scale and large scale business.

What is SSL certificate? Why is it important?

SSL Certificates are data files which help the in digital encryption of the organization or company’s information. The SSL Certificates are installed on the company’s web server and thus it launches a secured session every time over the 443 port. Most of the SSL certificates are used during secured payment and transactions like a credit card transaction, data transfer and during secured browsing sessions. The company has to have an SSL certificate so that they can have secured browsing sessions when every needed.

We understand the need for security and our developers are well trained in providing best security for your website so that you can improve the customer satisfaction and you can also gain the trust of the customers. If you are looking for a best website to be created which serves all purpose, do reach us and our developers will be more than happy to assist you. We have good years of experience in the field of web development and design and we are looking for more challenges on our way.