Payment Gateway

Payment Gateway

The most important thing on any e-commerce platform is the secured payment gateway and to gain customer satisfaction, a secured payment gateway is very important for your website. People trust you based on the payment method you choose for the website. Due to the increase in online frauds, it is your responsibility to create the best payment gateway for your customers.

We help you with developing and designing websites that supports secured payment gateway. If you need assistance with setting up a payment gateway for your website you can contact us and we will guide you with the best and secured payment option for your website based on your requirements and your budget.

Payment gateway offered by us

  • CCAvenue
  • DirecPay
  • Atom Tech

Our developers help you in connecting your website to any of the above mentioned payment gateway or sometimes all the three for your website if you need them.

CCAvenue It accepts payment through multiple channels and the success rate is excellent. It helps to complete the transaction quickly without any issues. CC Avenue has a state of art fraud and risk identification System and Knowledge base. If you choose this platform, you have easy way to customize and the pages are fully responsive.

DirecPay – It is another popular payment gateway that also has a high success rate and the transactions are simple and quick. It connects to the system quickly thus allowing you to make payment in few seconds. It accepts all channels and most of the ecommerce website prefers DirecPay for their transparency.

Atom Tech – It is an innovative payment technology that allows payment over the internet, mobile application, IVR and Point of service using your credit card, debit card or even net banking. It is an innovative technology that allows you to pay anytime and anywhere.

You choose your preference and we can help you accordingly.